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Education is freedom! Quality and holistic education changes lives. Holistic and quality education places children at the center of their learning and sees them treated with dignity and worth. Our goal is to provide formal English education is affordable, accessible and value-based to under-resourced children in the communities. When children from impoverished and under-resourced communities have access to quality education, they are equipped with the knowledge, character, and skills to achieve their dreams and potential. Children become agents of change in the world! We empower and resource schools in three ways to help children with quality education.

Capacity Building & Resource Sharing

We partner with carefully-selected Private English Schools in the small towns and villages that welcome all, regardless of background, faith or social status, with a primary focus on children from poor communities, tribal, and vulnerable circumstances. Many of these schools are in need of extensions, painting, repairs, play equipment, library books, science labs and sporting equipment. Our schools become community hubs, providing healthcare, vocational training, adult education and other economic development programs that benefit the local community.

We closely work with school leadership team and management. We provide resources such as capacity building training to the leadership team for creating effectiveness and strengthen their institutions. In partnerships, we resource them to develop their infrastructure and facilities to create avenues for children to access quality education-inside and outside of classrooms.

Training the National Teachers

We train and certify teachers through formal training programs and workshops to increase and enhance their abilities and potentials. Our training programs for teachers are innovative, on-the-job, and culturally-conditioned with a goal to transforming education. Our training programs help teachers to become agents of change in creating vibrant classrooms and life-giving environments where children are valued and are actively engaged in their learning.

Child Sponsorship

Our approach to education and child development go beyond the “Orphanage” and “Day care Center” model. We begin assisting children (5 years to young adulthood) in every way possible and encourage their immediate or extended family members to participate in the formal educational program. We encourage children’s immediate and extended family members (in case of orphaned or semi-orphaned children) to partner with us to help children grow within the communities. We allow children to access education in our schools while remaining with their family members in the community. We provide quality and holistic education and equip every child with the skills to succeed tomorrow in his or her own community. We educate and empower children through a holistic approach (WHOLE) that carefully blends physical, social, educational and economic care together.


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