I am so impressed with STEP International and their leadership.  The vision for ministry in South Asia and beyond is contagious.  It is so encouraging how STEP International is able to help with immediate felt needs as well as long term relief.  The strategic and holistic training of indigenous Christian workers and leaders in South Asia is building the church in ways that is seeing fruit now and by God’s grace, will continue in the future.

Darcy Kuhn, Campus Pastor | Northview Community Church, BC, Canada

Over the seven years that we have partnered with STEP International, we have seen the tremendous results of the team’s vision and hard work: children, families and communities lifted out of destitution and given hope and a future otherwise impossible. This is a partnership that has borne tremendous fruit and we are honored to continue.

Jon David, Former Lead Pastor | Whistler Community Church, BC, Canada

Finding reliable and godly partnerships in cross-cultural settings is worth their weight in gold. STEP International is one of those partners. Committed to serving with excellence and integrity, STEP International has enabled us to assist our persecuted family in South Asia through their connections and programs. We pray the Lord will keep, bless, use and prosper STEP for His glory.

Floyd Brobbel, Chief Executive Officer | Voice of the Martyrs Canada

I had opportunity to visit projects of STEP International in the past years. STEP International and their leaders, have my fullest respect, support and endorsement. He founded and leads one of the most effective training program for national workers, church planting in least-reached regions, educational efforts in needy places of South Asia.

Bill Dyck, Former Chair | Multi-Nations Missions Foundation & Co-founder, Pacific Family Life Counselling Foundation, BC, Canada

I met STEP International in 2013 and was drawn by the vision and work being done in South Asia to help and support the local men, women and children through training, education and practical materials. They do not just give people a fish but teach them how to fish that they may be self-sufficient. Our vision aligns with STEP and we have partnered with STEP International during the past 4 years training local men and women holistically to be leaders in their communities and country.

Travis Whims, General Director | Discipleship International, BC, Canada

Visiting STEP International projects to design facilities was a pleasure and a privilege as this is an organization with a clear and worthy mandate. While there, STEP International honored us with the opportunity to cut the ribbon at the joyous opening of a sewing center. Thus, we have witnessed the fruits of past years of dedicated labor and we glimpsed the fruit of ministry in years to come. EMI looks forward to new opportunities to serve and walk alongside STEP International.

Greg Young, Executive Director | Engineering Ministries International, Alberta, Canada

I am grateful to God for the impact that STEP International has had on my life and faith. Travelling to India and seeing the projects, experiencing the culture, and witnessing the challenges that STEP International helps real people overcome in their local and cross-cultural context, are memories that will never leave me. Since those trips it has been a joy to see God using the leadership team to grow the initiatives and programs. We are privileged to support this organization as we know first-hand the impact every dollar can make.”

Kelvin & Heidi, Donors & Partners | Whistler, BC, Canada


Our trip to the STEP International projects in South Asia was an enormous blessing and learning experience for us.  The passion and dedication of the field staff was very evident and contagious.  As retired school teachers, we are able to reflect on how students thrive when they are loved and cared for. Each student at the educational centers we visited with, read with or shared a smile with gave us a strong assurance that the STEP International is sharing the love of Jesus through education.  The holistic training young men and women are receiving is so valuable for developing employment skills and future community leaders.  It was an honor to visit and participate in various STEP International projects that are truly having a positive impact on the local and distant communities.   We are privileged to be able continue to partner, through Whistler Community Church and as individuals, with the admirable work that STEP International is doing in a challenging environment.

Craig & Linda, Donors & Partners| Whistler, BC


STEP has a God-sized vision of seeing lives transformed by the power of Christ through education. They are moving steadily forward as they develop a place to bless many and services that reach far beyond a specific location. I am privilege to have been able to join them onsite and remotely as they equip Christian educational leaders.


Harold Klassen, TeachBeyond| Abbotsford, BC