Our Vision and Core Values

STEP International Foundation (Canada) is a Christian-based non-profit organization (we subscribe to The Lausanne Covenant), and global in vision.


To transform and change the lives of underprivileged children, under-resourced national men and women in downtrodden communities through multi-faceted sustainable development programs in South Asia.

Core Values

Holistic Transformation

STEP International believes in a holistic approach that is compatible with local cultures and community and a practical method that is reflective and transformational in nature to impact the whole person.

Empowerment of Nationals

STEP International values the empowerment of national workers, as they are responsible for their own community and people.

Mutual Accountability and Partnership

STEP International values partnerships with other like-minded agencies and seeks to work within those partnerships with a spirit of mutual accountability and respect.

Sustainability & Transparency

STEP International employs developmental programs that are self-sustaining and multi-faceted in nature. In all our programs and activities we are transparent.